Setting up your custom domain on GoDaddy

Custom Domain

  1.  First log into your GoDaddy account and you will see the following.  You’ll want to choose “Domains” and click the “Manage” button.


2. Next, you’ll be at the “My Domains” screen and you’ll want to change the view to “List View” by pressing the hamburger icon below…

MyDomains Gdaddy

3.  Once you’re in list view, your screen should look like the following…


4. Next to the domain that you want to change, click the down arrow to get the drop down menu you see below.  You’ll want to click “Manage DNS”


5. You’ll then come to a screen that looks like the one below.  You should see “DNS Zone File” as the selected tab.
DNS File zone

6. Scroll further down the screen and until you come to the section called “CName”.  You’ll want to edit the record for the “www” host record.

CName alias

7. You’ll then get a pop-up that looks like the picture below.  You’ll want to change the “Points to” field to point to our servers.  You should type in “” just as you see it below.  When you’re done, be sure to click the Finish button.
Edit zone-1

8. You’re almost done.  When the pop-up closes, you’ll see a red bar at the top of the screen.  Be sure to click “Save Changes” so that your change takes affect.
Zone file

9. You should then see a message that you successfully made the update…

Zone file check

10. When it’s all done, your “www” host record should look like the one below…


11. here’s one last step.  We have to also make sure that people who don’t add the “www” in front of your web address will be forwarded to the “www” host record you just updated.  Scroll back to the top of the page, and click the “Settings” tab.

DNS File_Settings

12. Once on the settings tab, you’ll want to go to the “Forwarding” section and click the “Manage” link under the “Domain” heading.
DNS Forwarding

13. You should see a pop-up like the one below.  And you’ll want to click the “Add one now” link.

forward and mask

14. You’ll see another pop-up and you’ll want to type the full web address you are using.  In our example, it’s, but you’ll want to be sure to use your website address with the “www” in front.  This will handle when someone doesn’t put the “www” in front of your website address.  Make sure to choose ‘301’ Redirect as that’s better for SEO.  When you’re done, be sure to click the “Add” button
add forwarding

15. Almost done!  You should see a screen that looks like the one below.  Check to make sure it looks correct, has your website address spelled correctly with the “www” in front.  After making sure it’s correct, click the “Save” button.

Forwarding masking save

16. Congratulations, you’re done!  You should see another success message like the one below.  Sometimes it can take a few hours before the change take affect.  Once the GoDaddy has made the update, your new REIRail Lead Page should be viewable at your custom address.