Setting up your Lead Page custom domain on Name Cheap

Lead Page, Name Cheap

1. Once you log into NameCheap, you’ll be forwarded to your Dashboard.  On the left hand side, click on “Domain List” to get the view we need.

Name Cheap_domain list

2. From the Domain List screen, click the “MANAGE” button for the domain you want to setup.  In our example, we’re setting up “”.

Domain list

3. After clicking “MANAGE”, you’ll come to the Domain Details screen and you’ll want to click on the tab that says “Advanced DNS”.

NC Domain details

Click the “Advanced DNS Button” …

advanced dns skinny

4. You’ll then see a screen that looks like the picture below where you can begin to edit your host records.  In the example below, we’re adding a “www” record, but you may already have one defined.  So, either click the add a new record button:

NC_Add new record

Or, edit the “www” record you already have.

5.  Click into the field under “Type” and choose “CNAME” record.

NC CNAME record

6. Once you’ve updated the type to “CNAME”, change the value to ““, and be sure to click “Save Changes” when you’re done.  When you’re done, your “www” record should look like the one below…

Cname target

7. Also, make sure that your root record, the one below with ‘@’ in the Host field has “URL Redirect Record” as it’s type, and you’re fully qualified URL name with the ‘www’ in front for the value.  See the example below where the ‘@’ record has a value of ‘’.   This URL Redirect record will ensure that people who forget to type the “www” in front of your web address will still be sent to the right place.

NC_URL redir

8. That’s it!  Namecheap has one of the most user friendly panels of all the registrars.  They make it easy as pie!  Good luck and email if you run into any issues.