Why didn't the system deliver drops to all the numbers on my list?

Understanding undelivered ringless voicemails

There are two main reasons that voicemail drops do not go through. The most common is the Do Not Call registry ("DNC"). When you create an RVM campaign in REI Rail, the system will ask you during the setup wizard whether you want us to avoid calling phone numbers that are on the DNC.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 6.19.17 PM

If you select "Yes", we will cross check the numbers in your list against the national DNC. Any numbers on your list that are also on the DNC will not be called when your campaign starts. They will be suppressed.

The other factor that can suppress numbers in your list is more technical in nature. Landlines and some pre-paid mobile carriers are incompatible with our system.

Eligible vs ineligible phone numbers

Whichever reason applies, the difference between the quantity of phone numbers that you supply and how many of those numbers are eligible can be viewed on your RVM Account Status page.

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Suppressed phone numbers will not cost you a penny. Once we identify them in your list, they are removed from our queue. No drops are attempted for those numbers. You only pay for successful drops.

Additionally, if some of your "Eligible" phone numbers are not reachable for any reason, perhaps because the recipient has a voicemail box that has not been set up or because the line rings busy, you will not be charged for those either.



We advise that users abide by all TCPA guidelines, including the national Do Not Call registry. For more information on TCPA and the DNC click here.