What is REIRail Lifetime Access?

This article outlines the features included for all REIRail customers who subscribed to the Lifetime Access plan.

When subscribing to the Lifetime Access Plan members have access to the following:

  1. 1,200 talk minutes and 500 text messages each month
  2. 10 unique tracking numbers
  3. 10 lead capture pages.
  4. LIFETIME ACCESS to the “Platinum Club”
  5. LIFETIME ACCESS to Platinum Office Hours
  6. PRIORITY ACCESS to all future platform upgrades
  7. EARLY ACCESS to the “Own The Phone” training program


1. Are Lifetime Access members charged a monthly subscription fee?

No, they are not charged a monthly subscription fee. They are only charged for overages on talk minutes, text messages, tracking numbers, lead pages, etc.

2. Are tracking numbers in excess of 10 charged per month?

Yes, we charge $3 per tracking number in excess of 10. I.e. if there are a total of 12 tracking numbers on the account, we will only charge overages for the 2 tracking numbers.

3. If an excess tracking number is removed from the account will the charge be removed?

Yes, but removal of the charge will only take effect on the following month's bill. I.e. if the tracking number was removed on January, the charge will still reflect for that month but not for the following month.

Link to Original Offer Letter for Lifetime Access: click here.